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C-Section Hospital Bag Essentials

C-Section Hospital Bag Essentials

Preparing for birth can be an overwhelming task, whether you are having a c-section or vaginal birth. The last thing anyone feels like doing in their third trimester is trying to figure out what to pack for the glorious hospital stay. In this post, I will be going over specifically my top 12 C-Section Hospital Bag Essentials

Looking back, I realized that I over packed for my hospital stay. The typical hospital stay for a c-section is 4 days, but I ended up staying for 6. If I knew what I know now, I would have packed quite different for my hospital stay. Of course, there are other things I packed, but here are my top 12 C-Section Hospital Bag Essentials that I would pack in your hospital bag right away. All of these things are personal opinion and completely subjective. Obviously, pack as you wish.

  1. High Cut Underwear: Obviously, after a c-section, you don’t want your low-cut underwear to rub against your incision. Having high cut underwear allows you to feel secure and at ease knowing you won’t be ripping open your incision. It’s also very painful so the high cut style allows you to add a layer of protection from clothes. I ended up using the mesh panties they provide you because you’re changing them often, but to go home, the high-cut style was definitely a lifesaver. The link has the specific ones I purchased (they run a little small so go one size up).
  2. 10 ft. Phone Charger: Obviously being in the hospital for 4-6 days can be exhausting. In the middle of the night, you will get woken a ton from nurses and you may not be able to fall back asleep. Having a 10-foot phone charger saved me because I was able to take pictures, write notes from recent feedings and diaper changes, and was able to stay entertained while the babies slept.
  3. Headphones: Any kind of headphones would be fine! I brought headphones for if someone called me or wanted to facetime. Also, they were helpful if I wanted to watch something on Netflix or YouTube without playing the sound out loud.
  4. Journal: I brought 2 journals (one for each baby) to document my feelings on the day of their birth, and I am so glad I did! Right after birth, especially a c-section, you’re out of it due to all of the medicine they give you from surgery. A few hours after birth I was able to journal my experience and I now look back remembering my exact feelings. In the future, my babies will also be able to read my thoughts the exact moment of their birth.
  5. Fragrance-Free Shower Toiletries: Although I only showered 2x during my hospital stay, getting a shower made me feel so much more human. However, your shower must be a quick one due to your incision. Make sure you get all natural shower toiletries or ones without scents. Please do not bring Bath and Body Works or Victorias Secret shower gel. Your incision is so fresh, so you want to make sure that if any soap gets near it, it is clean and natural.
  6. Robe: Since you’ll never know the temperature of your room, a robe is a MUST. I packed 2 and wore one every single day. Pink Blush Maternity has the softest and best quality robes in my personal opinion. Perfect for nursing (if you plan to do it) and so easy to throw on. For C-Section mamas, going for a walk down the hallway a couple times a day is so important for your recovery. Throwing a robe on and walking out the door was so easy and convenient.
  7. Comfortable clothes/lounge pants/nightgowns: Each day in the hospital I usually wore a nightshirt (from Walmart) with a robe. Not having to bend over to put pants on was super convenient and is essential for c-section mamas. On the way home from the hospital I wore maternity leggings (over the belly) and a flowy top. Bringing soft comfy lounge pants were also great for the days and nights it was cold in the room.
  8. Slippers/Flip-Flops: You’re going to want these for lounging in your hospital room, but also for walking the hallway, and getting a shower. Think about all of the women who stayed in the room during postpartum. Although they clean the bathrooms daily, bringing flip flops made me feel more clean and sanitary when I got up to go to the bathroom.
  9. Nursing pads: Although I didn’t breastfeed, my milk still came in during my hospital stay and having a few disposable nursing pads on hand was a lifesaver! I didn’t have to worry about leaking while my company was visiting. Plus, they don’t have cabbage on hand, so that had to wait until I got home.
  10. Toiletries: Obviously, deodorant, a toothbrush, hairbrush, body spray, etc. are all necessities you may want to bring to the hospital with you. All of these things will make you feel fresh and clean.
  11. Pillow & Blanket: The pillows you get at the hospital are small, flat pillows that aren’t the most comfortable. In order to sleep when you can, bring one from home that you can just wash when you get home. It can also get extremely cold at night so having a nice fuzzy blanket helped me feel safe and secure at night. Having this for your support person is also really nice for them.
  12. Snacks: Having snacks in your room in the middle of the night was great, especially for your support person.

Additional necessities that you may want to bring but aren’t necessary.

  • Hair care products (dry shampoo, blow dryer, hot tools, hair ties, etc.)
  • Book
  • Makeup/Chapstick (I brought some makeup just to make me feel good about myself and only wore it for 1 day).
  • Reusable water container
  • Belly binder
  • Your own pads/depends (I used the ones the hospital provided and worked just fine).
  • skin balm
  • Breastfeeding pillow
  • Medicine (Benadryl, Stool Softener, Tylenol) but consult with your doctor always because I didn’t need to bring anything (obviously the hospital gave me medicine when needed).
  • Prenatal vitamins (if you wish to continue taking them after birth).
  • Baby book
  • A small fan in case of hot flashes
  • Car seat instructions (our hospital was not allowed to help us)
  • Support pillow for the incision (I did not bring one but the hospital did have one already for me).
  • Bras and tanks
  • Large, dark-colored towel (I wished that I brought this).

To summarize, these were my top 12 C-Section Hospital Bag Essentials that I actually used during c-section postpartum care. I’m sure there are other great things that I am missing, but the things listed above, are the top 12 essentials of what I actually used during my stay. Obviously, this post is more centered towards c-section mamas, but any new mother can bring these items to the hospital. Tell me your top essential that you couldn’t live without during your hospital stay.

Tote I used: Very Bradley Iconic Weekender Travel Bag


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